Alasdair - Best of You (Cover)

I had a go at covering “Best of You” by Foo Fighters. Let me know what you think!

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Hey, for anyone who hasn’t heard my band yet, please go check us out. Nearly at 400 likes now.. just a bit more..

i really like your music :)

thanks very much! I didn’t think anyone listened to my solo music much!

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Here’s an acoustic cover of “Through Glass” I recorded the other day

BlindSight - Taking Lives | alasdairt

Taking Lives by BlindSight

ONE EYE OPEN: Villagers


Five seconds of silence. Slowly jangled bells fade in, then a quiet organ, before a violin. A minor key piano melody starts, then a whisper.“Have you got just a minute, are you easily lead, let me show you the backroom, where I saw the dead.” sings Conor O’Brien, an Irish singer-songwriter…

Follow - Ellie Jones & Alasdair Thomson | alasdairt

Listen to “Follow” by Ellie Jones & Alasdair Thomson